Kick-Off meeting – 28/04/21

The kick-off meeting of the ANR DIETS has been virtually organized the 28 April 2021 between the LIA (Richard Dufour, Yannick Estève), the LIUM (Jane Wottawa) and the LPC (Arnaud Rey).

This event was the opportunity to officially launch the start of the project. We have presented a summary of the scientific objectives that will be achieved there in the short, medium and long term. It was also an opportunity to discuss the first works, with the implementation of state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems. The next meeting will be devoted to the experimental protocol for the implementation of perceptual tests on the errors of the ASR systems.

The slides used for the presentation are available here.

Fake News conference – 24 and 25/06/21

The ANR DIETS project is involved in the organization of the conference Fake News : Concept, Méthode et Lutte – Approches Pluridisciplinaires (Fake News: Concept, Method and Struggle – Multidisciplinary Approaches).

The international conference aims to bring together researchers from different horizons, united by the same research theme, but by different scientific issues that lead to different advances in the knowledge and treatment of this phenomenon. This multidisciplinary vision is in line with the DIETS project and makes it possible to lay the groundwork for the organization of a special dedicated event directly linked to the project.

A poster will be presented the project June 25, 2021 – 1:30 p.m.

More information can be found here:

General presentation for school teachers – 18/03/21

In the context of the « Journées enseignants du second degré » (Days for second degree), a special event dedicated to the presentation of the scientific themes and research projects of the LIA to teachers, we proposed, with my colleague Mickaël Rouvier, a short presentation of the automatic speech recognition domain. It was the occasion to give a short introduction to the problem of evaluation of speech transcriptions.

Open Ph.D. position

Automatic analysis of errors in automatic speech recognition systems from end-users reception

Duration:​ 3 years – ​Start time:​ September 2021

Closing date:​ 5 June 2021

We currently propose a Ph.D. position for the ANR DIETS project which aims at analyzing finely recognition errors by taking into account their human reception, and understanding and visualizing how these errors manifest themselves in an end-to-end ASR framework. The main objectives are to propose original automatic approaches and tools to visualize, detect and measure transcription errors from the end-users perspective.

Start of the DIETS project

We are happy to announce that the ANR DIETS project officially started the 1st of February 2021. The first works will focus on the implementation of tools for the automatic evaluation of automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems from an acoustic and linguistic point of view (in particular, from morpho-syntactic information).

Few articles in various media present introduce the start of the DIETS project:

More information is coming soon!