The scientific program is built around the ambitious objectives that we set in the DIETS project. The work program leading to the achievement of these objectives breaks down into the following work packages (WP):

WP1: Experimental framework for annotation and analysis of ASR errors from a human perspective. In this WP, we seek to provide to the scientific community an open-access and free-of-use experimental framework, including a manually annotated corpus, for analysis of transcription errors from their reception by end-users.

WP2: Study and analysis of transcription errors taking into account end-user reception. The main objective is to lead qualitative studies on the modeling of transcription errors in end-to-end ASR systems, from their human cognitive perception.

WP3: Automatic diagnosis and evaluation of end-to-end systems from a cognitive point-of-view. This last work package will provide scientific innovations and automatic tools for end-to-end ASR diagnosis.